Deep passion for revolutionizing Africa’s film scene has caused Mortinno Morton to mentor more than 20 aspiring young filmmakers from Kibera and Turkana.

Learn new skills, create, and teach.

Bankslave is auctioning Eliud Kipchoge’s digital mural as an NFT on Opensea.

Bankslave is auctioning this digital art as an NFT on Opensea.

Kibera Aeronautics & Space Academy (KASA) recently hosted a Junto-inspired event at Tunapanda Institute.

KASA Junto members during a recent meetup at Tunapanda Institute

But what does that mean for the local musicians, podcasters, and music-centric businesses?

Image by M. H. from Pixabay

Melkizedek Owuor

Lifelong learner.

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