The story of Dan Oduor — founder of ROCK Kenya.

Portion of Kibera slums (Where ROCK is situated). Photo taken by Melkizedek Owuor [Mirasi]

Why did Dan start ROCK Kenya?

There are a number of reasons why Dan decided to start ROCK. Growing up in the heart of Kibera slums, there are a lot of challenges that Dan faced during his childhood among them poverty. He was raised in a family of ten — three sisters and five brothers (including his parents) and his parents didn’t have stable sources of income and therefore it was hard for the parents to feed all the family members. This led Dan to search for new ways of surviving at a tender age.

Dan instilling knowledge to his ROCK kids. Photo by Melkizedek Owuor [Mirasi]
Dan having a talk with our newly selected students who’ve already joined high school (form 1). Photo by Melkizedek Owuor [Mirasi]
Dan loading sanitary towels to the store. The sanitary towels will serve 600 girls. Photo by Melkizedek Owuor [Mirasi]
The Dan’s house is situated in this plot (on the right side). Photo by Melkizedek Owuor [Mirasi]


I’ve been under Dan’s authority for 5 years. For those 5 years I’ve learnt a lot from him — entrepreneurship, leadership skills, management and operation skills among others. Also, it is through Dan that I joined high school — through the ROCK’s scholarship programme, I did my high school studies. Dan sees things in a different angle — he sees the outcome even before something happens. And anyone who follows his footsteps is successful in one way or the other in most cases. He taught me this: “Work first, and the money, food and other things you need will automatically follow”. As someone who was born and raised in the slums of Kibera, he understands the dynamics of the slum and ways to maneuver to find opportunities in every challenge that comes your way. I’ve really capitalized [and still capitalizing] from his teachings. His hustle skills are superb and anyone who directly and openly associates with Dan never sleep hungry. ~ Melkizedek Owuor [Mirasi], beneficiary of the ROCK’s programme

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